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safety program legacy fire protectionSafety on our project sites and in our process is always a prime concern of LFP, Inc.

  • Accidents and injuries cost the team time and money, but more importantly, they cause potential harm and suffering to dedicated employees and their families.
  • LFP, Inc. is committed to provide our employees and company partners with a job site that is free from recognized hazards that might cause serious injury or death.
  • It is mandatory that every LFP, Inc employee is continuously aware of this commitment to safety on the job site.
  • Our field operations are to be carried out in compliance with the latest safety and health regulations publicized by federal, state, and local governments.
  • Safety and Health awareness, combined with safe working conditions and safe work habits can in fact achieve the fulfillment of our safety commitment.
  • Complete endorsement, active participation and enthusiastic cooperation with this vital commitment are expected of everyone associated with LFP, Inc..
  • LFP, Inc. employees are all OSHA 10 trained as a minimum requirement with individual safety leaders hold OSHA 30 certification.
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